As a photographer in Orange County, I love nothing more in this world than love & capturing it in all it's different forms. I am here to serve YOU and to help tell YOUR story just the way it is through photographs. I love being able capture the raw moments in life-celebrating the big moments, the small moments, and everything in between. When you book a session with me as your Laguna Beach photographer, you can expect our session to go a little like this: we'll meet up & chat for a bit, we'll take a couple of posed shots, and then I'll make you do all sorts of weird things like spinning around, running wild, rolling around on the ground, making random noises, etc :) Why? Because it's fun and you'll be dying laughing and I will capture photos of you in the moment as you are--living your BEST life on the beaches in Newport Beach. I aim to capture moments that make you FEEL.

Hi I'm Jackie!

I’m so glad you’re here!

  1. I cannot burp. Like I physically cannot.
  2. I am a huge Disnerd & have been to disneyland over 350 times already + still counting!
  3. I collect & trade disney pins! Between my fiance and I, our collection is currently at over 1,000 pins!
  4. I am allergic to dogs, haha! But..I LOVE DOGS more than anything and I don't let my allergies stop me from lovin' on them--so please, still DO bring them to your sessions. I have shiba inu & english cream golden retriever of my own! :) Dogs are ALWAYS welcome at your session (as long as the location allows them of course)! :)
  5. My Meyers Briggs personality type is INFJ. People say I'm a rarity ;)
  6. I was born and raised in Southern California and I'm lucky to live in the cute little city of Laguna Niguel, just a couple of miles from the ocean! I LOVE the ocean- stand up paddling is my favorite water activity, but learning to surf is on my bucket list!
  7. As much as I love binging Netflix shows, I get stir crazy easily and cannot binge ALL day like many can :) I am definitely solar powered & have to get outside every single day at least for a little bit to soak in the sunshine.
  8. I love plants, thrifting, cooking, interior design, and am fascinated by animals! Beluga whales, dolphins, sea otters and monkeys are my favorite animals ever!

Some random facts about me!